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Orders and Payments


1.1 Information contained on the website of the store,, hereinafter MAAM shop, constitute shop' s offer.
1.2 The customer can order in MAAM shop 7( seven) days per week and 24 hours per day via the website MAAM shop
1.3 The client orders on website MAAM shop choosing goods, including colour, size and add to cart. After completing the whole order, the add to cart indicates delivery country by choosing from the list of available countries receipt, method of payment, the exact details of delivery and goes to the summary of transaction, where the store MAAM accepts and agrees to the processing of personal data in order to achieve the transaction/ consignment.
By the approval recommendation " ORDER WITH OBLIGATION"  depending on the chosen form of payment, the order processing is accepted. Summary orders will include total price of  selected goods as well as the total cost of selected mode of delivery  and any other costs related to the implementation of the contract
1.4 After making an order, MAAM shop sends on the given customer's electronic address confirmation of customer orders.
1.5 On conclusion of the contract of sale, shop MAAM confirms the customer conditions, sending them on a durable medium for email provided by the client.
1.6 Website store MAAM has information about date of the order processing.


2.1 Prices on the website store MAAM included at a given products:

  1. constitute a gross price( VAT) and are referred to in polish złoty
  2. do not contain information on costs of delivery
  3. do not contain information when it comes to possible customs duties and charges as a form of cash on delivery.

2.2  The final price binding sales agreement is the price of the goods placed on the website  MAAM store at the time of the order by the customer. Information about the total amount of money is shown in the add to cart each time, after the customer made a choice of delivery country and forms of payment.
2.3  The customer can choose the following forms of payment for ordered goods:

  1. bank transfer to the bank account BMG FINANCE Małgorzata Główka, in this case the order  will start after sending to the customer confirmation of receipt  by MAAM shop, while shipment will be made when money will hit the account of the BMG FINANCE Małgorzata Główka.
  2. cash payment, payment the seller in the supply, in case of execution of the order its shipment will start after sending the customer by MAAM shop confirmation of the order.
  3. bank transfer or card payment through external payment system Przelewy24 operated by the company PayPro S.A., located in Poznań, in this case, execution of the order will be initiated after sending the customer by MAAM shop confirmation of the order and after receiving by MAAM shop information from system Transfers 24 about the payment made by the customer.

2.4  In case of chosen by customer the form of payment the seller in the supply customer is obligated to pay on receipt of goods.
2.5 The client is unable to pay for the part of the goods in advance, and part of goods on delivery. The client is informed each time about the date to pay for the order.