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1) MAAM in boutiques?

YES! MAAM you can buy in boutiques in Poland and abroad. The list of the boutiques when you can buy MAAM products is available at the tab MAAM stationary.


2) Organic cotton, why different and better from conventional ?

Organic cotton is a fabric where natural methods are used in the cultivation and production process. Before cotton receives an ecological certificate, the soil for the plantation is subjected to a 3-year quarantine, during which no artificial substances can go to it. From the moment of sowing to the production of the finished product, everything is subject to strict quality control. Natural fertilizers and natural plant protection products that undergo natural biodegradation (for example garlic, alfalfa, chilli or neem tree extract) are used for cultivation. When cultivating organic cotton, chemistry considered dangerous is not used. Cotton harvesting is done by hand, and only natural, certified, non-toxic dyes, e.g. clays, are used for coloring. The method of growing organic cotton and the type of plant protection and fertilizer used are safe for the environment. Organic farming also allows significant water savings. The production of organic cotton is ethical - free of slave labor for children and adults.

For a higher price, we get much higher quality. Organic cotton fibers that are not in contact with chemicals are stronger, more resilient and resistant to stretching. The wet ones become more than 30% stronger than dry ones, so they can take a lot of washing without losing their properties or colors. Clothes will last longer, they will finaly enjoy the eye longer.

The biggest advantage of organic cotton is that without contact with chemicals and pesticides does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergies or allergies. Organic cotton is fully healthy and safe.

Choosing organic cotton we pay for the highest quality, and additionally we support the fight against inhumane working conditions on conventional plantations and help to save the environment.

3) GOTS?

GOTS - The Global Organic Textile Standards is the most important certificate in the field of ecological textiles and means that the fabric is fully organic and meets the required standards both at the stage of production and processing, packaging and labeling of organic fibers (cotton, silk, flax, hemp) taking into account ecological and social criteria. Created by the International Working Group on the Global Organic Textile Standard (IWG), a working group bringing together organizations from Europe, the USA and Japan that deal with the certification and labeling of environmentally friendly products. More information on GOTS can be found on the official website

4) The most important certificates and signs confirming the organic character of fabrics

See below attachment.

5) Silk, from which we sew our B-shirt MAAM 6º, what is worth to know ?

MAAM 6º silk B-shirts sew from 100% organic silk with a jersey weave. Organic silk is the king of natural fibers. Adds a pattern. In the summer, it provides a nice coolness and warmth in the winter. It is very nice and delicate to the touch. Silk "Organic silk Jersey 110", of which we are wearing our B-shirts is produced in China, the country of natural silk. Silk "Organic silk Jersey 110" is GOTS certified. The certificate confirms and guarantees the high quality of silk, its eco-friendliness and the humanity of the entire knitwear production process (from fiber formation through spinning, dyeing and weaving). All companies - links in the silk production chain are GOTS

6)  What organic silk differs from conventional?

First of all, the production process, higher quality and durability of the yarn from which it is made. Thanks to the natural production process, organic silk yarn is much more durable and durable than conventional. Organic harmful substances are not used for harmful substances, chemicals and pesticides for the environment and people. Working conditions throughout the production process are free of slave labor for adults and children. The production of organic silk meets all the ecological and social criteria required by GOTS.

Choosing organic silk we pay for the highest quality, and additionally we support the fight against inhumane working conditions of conventional processes and help to save the environment.


There is recommended gentle, manual washing of silk in lukewarm water (30ºC) using mild detergents best suited for silk washing. In addition, from my own experience, I suggest after washing in the middle of the wash two times rinsing, until the last rinse you can add a gentle emollient. Excess water, gently squeeze, and then dry the blouse in a lying state (not vertically and not on hangers!). When unfolding the drying blouse, give it the right-original shape. This will make ironing easier or even avoid ironing! However, if you think that the shirt should be ironed, do it gently, the iron can not be too hot, do not press the fabric too much with an iron. Silk is like women, why likes delicacy!

8) Organic fabrics / knitwear, produced from natural fibers. What should you know before you start wearing organic clothing?

Due to the organic production process, not using aggressive chemicals, standards have been adopted that organic fabrics can shrink to +/- 5% in the washing process in water. What does it mean and how much is 5%? For example, if the blouse has a circumference of 88 cm, according to the adopted production standard, after the first water wash it may be reduced in the circumference by about 4 cm, i.e. it may end up in the circumference of about 84 cm. It can happen, but it does not have to! Therefore, we recommend to follow the instructions for washing the products from organic materials placed on the maintenance labels located next to each of our products.

9) How to use the table of dimensions?

Sample:    B-shirt MAAM 1º :

Orientacyjne wymiary bluzki w cm
długość bluzki
długość rękawa

Our B-shirt 1º is made of delicate, slightly transparent Lyocell fabric. It is a loose model at the waist. The fabric is slightly stretchable, but it is not flexible.

The dimensions given in the table reflect the circumferences and lengths of the blouse measured in the unfolded state, without stretching the fabric. This means that they do not take into account its flexibility and extensibility. If you like blouses that are more fitting and adjacent to your body, choose the size that exactly fits your size. If, however, you prefer a freer style and less fitted blouses, choose a larger size. Also always read the description of the model and type of fabric, it will help you decide which size to choose.

10) What is Lyocell?

Lyocell is a fiber made of wood cellulose, third generation. The name Tencel is also used interchangeably.

Lyocell is a unique material. It is extremely durable, hygienic and has antiallergic properties. In addition, its production is the most ecological of all, because during the elimination of toxic substances, replacing them with organic (so-called NMMO) and consuming little water (260l / kg). Clothing made of lyocell, composted, biodegradable in just 6 weeks!

Lyocell combines the advantages of cotton and viscose. Lyocell fibers optimally absorb and evaporate moisture and regulate the temperature, making Lyocell suitable for every season, and in addition is very durable even when it is moist.

Lyocell is ideally suited for clothing that will have direct contact with the skin.

11) Customer profile. Why you should register?

The Customer profile tab contains your data and information about your activity in the MAAM store. From here you can easily manage your data. At subsequent visits and purchases in the MAAM store, you will not have to re-enter the same data regarding, for example, shipment of the product, unless of course they have not changed. You can make a change at any time, even if you do not make a purchase.

To make it easier we have selected the following areas:

Your data - here you will find your details that were provided by you during registration: name, address, telephone number. You can change this data at any time.

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