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MAAM Voucher 100

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MAAM Voucher

MAAM Voucher is the best choice and gift if you don't know which one B-shirt to take now!


Nominal Value of Vouchers : 100PLN, 200PLN, 250PLN, 300PLN, 500PLN


◊ MAAM Voucher is printed in the nominal value of 100 PLN, 200 PLN, 250PLN, 300 PLN, 500PLN or other value according to the Client’s order, but not lower than 100PLN and  shall be exchanged for MAAM products available at the time of exchange in online shop.

◊ If the price of the chosen MAAM Product is higher than nominal value of the Voucher Client is required to pay the difference.  However, if the price of the chosen Product is lower than Voucher’s value the difference is not returned.

◊ Voucher cannot be exchanged  for cash.

◊ Voucher is valid no longer than 3 months from the sales date. The expiration date is always presented on the Voucher.

◊ Voucher can be exchanged in the online shop

Normal Terms and Conditions of purchase and use of the website apply.


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